Some holiday relaxing and cooking

Today we picked up our produce from Bountiful Baskets Co-op and then I got to cooking while John played Fallout. Although, to be fair, John did his cooking yesterday by preparing the pork for the crock pot and making barbecue sauce from scratch. So this afternoon, while the pulled pork was cooking in the crock […]

last day of blog challenge

I almost forgot to post today. That would have been a shame because today is the last day of Blogging Challenge 2009. So I made it! I actually blogged something every day for the whole month of June. It was fun to see if I could do it. It was fun to see a bunch […]

fun with podcasts

I really enjoy listening to podcasts on my iPod, especially while driving, cleaning the house, and exercising. In fact, I find that podcasts help me tune out the drudgery of exercise better than music helps motivate me through it. The order is kind of random, but here are some of my favorites. My Favorite Podcasts […]

4×4 meme

4 jobs I’ve had Okay, get ready. I’ve got some glamorous ones for you. Wendy’s – My first job, age 16. I was sent out to man the salad bar for months. But they finally figured out that the shy girl could actually do the real jobs. Like French fries! And sandwiches! Snyders of Hanover […]

Beck’s Record Club

This is so cool. Beck just started a new project called Record Club where he and other musicians get together and cover an entire album in a day, with no arranging or rehearsing ahead of time. And the first album they’re doing? Velvet Underground and Nico. They’ll release a song a week on The […]

Immitation as flattery

I went on a nice long slow run at the track tonight, and I feel amazing. Next time I want to skip a workout, please remind about how great I feel right now. And for fun: I love songs that blatantly rip off (er, “pay homage” to) other songs and reinvent them. I’m not talking […]


John picked up some sunflower seeds on a whim while buying tomato plants a while back. He planted a bunch of them just for fun; we had no idea if they’d actually grow. But they are growing! So these are pretty cool if you want something easy to grow in Phoenix in the summer to […]