how one blogger raised $30,000. yesterday.

When blogger Jon Acuff announced on Monday that he wanted his readers to build a kindergarten in Vietnam, he set a December 31 deadline for raising the $30,000 needed. It was an ambitious goal. Would it even work, especially in the middle of a recession?

Surely he didn’t expect his readers to raise the whole $30k in just 18 hours. But that’s what I watched happen.

The project was inspired when Jon’s 6-year-old daughter saw a picture of a starving boy in another country and said, “That’s not real though. That’s pretend right?” What Jon heard was, “Why aren’t we doing something?” and he felt a burden to use his online platform for something more.

Around 9:00 Pacific Time on Monday morning, I saw Jon’s post announcing the project. Armed with my credit card, I clicked on the donation link and was shocked to see that $15,000 had already been raised! There were donations from $5 to $5,000. One giver had commented, “Maybe we can fund a new project tomorrow?”

I made my small donation and spent the rest of the day clicking “refresh” and watching the total climb. Eighteen hours after the announcement, the $30,000 project was fully funded. (He’s since raised the goal to $60,000, to build two kindergartens.)

It was cool to feel like a part of this adventure—to see a man so moved by the words of his 6-year-old daughter and his faith in God to take a chance, to try to make a difference.

Read Jon’s post where he expresses amazement at what happened yesterday. And you can still make a donation. Then, be motivated to do something yourself. I know this has encouraged me to do more for the cause I’m supporting.

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