Pride and Prejudice and dragons

Last week we watched Bridget Jones’s Diary and John didn’t get any of the Pride and Prejudice references. I was appalled! So I’ve taken it upon myself to read Austen’s great work to him in the evenings. He’s handling it pretty well so far, and I think he even chuckled a couple times.

A couple nights ago while I was reading I noticed he was nodding off. After a great deal of nudging, he seemed to be back with me. But after a while he looked a little confused and asked, “Wait…at any point in the story was there a dragon?” Apparently, while dozing off he’d inserted a dragon into the story. I can understand his confusion.

By the way, I attribute John’s dozing to his amazing ability to fall asleep under almost any circumstances and definitely not to my reading or Austen’s prose.

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