Did you hear about the earthquakes that hit the Gulf of California yesterday? I felt them in Phoenix! Well, kind of.

I’d never experienced an earthquake before, so it was kind of cool.

I work on the 10th floor of a 12-story office building in central Phoenix. Around noon yesterday, some coworkers and I started hearing a repetitive clanking noise. We finally figured out it was the window blinds hitting against the side of the window frame. Another coworker said he felt dizzy. When we saw the light fixtures swinging back and forth, we realized the building was swaying. We had no idea why, so my whole office evacuated the building quickly. While waiting outside, people Googled on their phones and figured out that an earthquake had just hit northern Mexico, and this must have been what we were feeling. So we went back to the office and back to work. The blinds and lights started swinging again briefly a little bit later and, sure enough, another earthquake showed up on the USGS map.

So that was my excitement for the day. Apparently, a bunch of people around Phoenix felt their buildings sway, but most people probably noticed nothing at all. I think we were the only company in the building who evacuated. The security guy on the first floor had no idea anything had even happened.

Here’s an AP story about the quakes. There were 4 quakes in quick succession, all over 5.0 with one at 6.9.

Here’s a news video where a coworker of mine is interviewed (Dan).

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