Some holiday relaxing and cooking

Today we picked up our produce from Bountiful Baskets Co-op and then I got to cooking while John played Fallout. Although, to be fair, John did his cooking yesterday by preparing the pork for the crock pot and making barbecue sauce from scratch.

So this afternoon, while the pulled pork was cooking in the crock pot, I made some delicious carrot and cauliflower dhal for lunch. I’ve been wanting to make dhal since my trip to Bangladesh. It’s a staple there and comes in different varieties–some soupy, some thick, using different vegetables. My dhal turned out awesome! I’m quite pleased. Pretty cheap, too. We already had all the spices and diced tomatoes, so I just had to buy carrots and cauliflower.


This happens often now: I’ll decide to make something and be pleasantly surprised that I have most of the stuff. I think I may now have what they call a “well-stocked” kitchen. I’ve come a long way from my first year of marriage when John had to teach me how to cook rice!

Yesterday we had a nice time at the Blogging Challenge party, to celebrate the end of the challenge to post every day in the month of June. Food, alcohol, swimming, and friends. What more can you ask for?

If you’re interested, here are the recipes for the above-mentioned dishes:
Dhal with carrot and cauliflower
Barbecue pulled pork – I’ve used this recipe a bunch of times. You can leave out the barbecue sauce and put it on each individual sandwich later, but just add some water for the second cooking (when you’re softening the onions).

Now I think I’ll read a book until we leave for a friend’s house.

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