last day of blog challenge

I almost forgot to post today. That would have been a shame because today is the last day of Blogging Challenge 2009. So I made it! I actually blogged something every day for the whole month of June.

It was fun to see if I could do it. It was fun to see a bunch of other people take the challenge. It was fun to comment on each other’s posts.

So this is the Blogging Challenge goodbye post. But I’ll be keeping this blog going–not every day, but often enough–to stay in touch with friends and, of course, to let my parents know what I’m up to.

I had actually signed up for a WordPress blog a day or two before Jeremy emailed us all about the blog challenge, so it was great timing. I was already looking to jump from my Live Journal to something else and to start blogging more.

Oh, and the reason I almost forgot to post? I was IMing with Robin about a camping trip we’re going on this weekend. It’ll be my first camping trip where I backpack all my gear in instead of just drive to a campsite in a car. It’s a nice short trip, hopefully good for a beginner, but I’m a bit nervous about making sure I take all the right stuff.

It’s been fun, everyone! Add me to your blogroll if you want to keep in touch.

9 thoughts on “last day of blog challenge

    1. Thanks! Robin *is* awesome. And I’ve enjoyed reading your posts too, even though I didn’t comment that often. I kept thinking “I’ll think about that and comment later,” which really means “I’ll think about that and forget to comment later.” 🙂

      1. hahaha! i think many people feel that way about my writing… “maybe i wait long enough, she will go away” 😀

  1. Hard core camping is the best. I also enjoyed learning more about you and your interest through this blog. I’m slightly envious at all the interesting things you do, soccer, canning, camping, even podcasts =) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks! I haven’t even used the canner yet because I lost one of the pieces (in typical Cara fashion). Picking up a replacement piece today, so the oh-so-exciting canning posts are coming!

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