4×4 meme

4 jobs I’ve had
Okay, get ready. I’ve got some glamorous ones for you.

Wendy’s – My first job, age 16. I was sent out to man the salad bar for months. But they finally figured out that the shy girl could actually do the real jobs. Like French fries! And sandwiches!

Snyders of Hanover – The *only* good thing about working in a pretzel factory is eating fresh hot pretzels right off the machines. That was heavenly. The rest of the job made me hate myself. Fun fact: Snyder’s has 2 factories–one in Hanover, PA, and one in Goodyear, AZ. I worked in the Hanover factory, and now I live in Phoenix. I shudder whenever I pass the Goodyear factory.

Painting houses – During summers home from college on my off-days from Snyder’s or Wendy’s, I painted houses with my dad. It was nice quiet calming work. My dad still does it (while working on his PhD). So if you have a house in central PA that needs a paint job, I’ve got the guy for you!

Academic counselor – I worked at University of Phoenix as an academic counselor (among other things). In case you don’t know, “academic counselor” means “talk on the phone all day” and “try to meet impossible goals.” For shy, introverted me this was the job from hell. But I took the job on purpose as a challenge and did fairly awesome at it, thank you very much. I put in my minimum time of 6 months and then moved to another department where I sat quietly at a desk all day listening to NPR. Ah, sweet relief!
(Now I’m an instructional designer at another company, which I love.)

4 TV shows I’m watching
Madmen – Great interesting characters. Really good show. I’m glad it was there to help me through the sorrow of finishing The Sopranos.

The IT Crowd – Sure, it’s overacted and has a silly laugh track. But that’s all part of the charm, right?

Big Love – Sometimes I get obsessed with certain topics. I’ve been reading a lot about polygamy in the US, and hey! Someone made a show about it!

Rome – Working on season 2.

4 Places I’ve Been
Bangladesh – Half the population of the US in a country the size of Arkansas. Open sewers and huge roaches. What’s not to love?

Cinque Terre, Italy – Five small towns on the coast that are only accessible by train. An amazing, beautiful, and relaxing place. Skip Rome!


Prague – I think this is just where you’re supposed to go when you’re visiting Europe in your 20s.

Seattle – Some college friends and I decided to start an annual girls’ weekend. Seattle was the spot we picked for the first one. I’d been living in Phoenix for several years by then, so the rain felt so great. It’s a really pretty city, and for a moment I felt like abandoning the desert.

4 Music Artists I’m Listening To
Bishop Allen – Jangly poppy joyful goodness.

Deer Tick – Once I got past his nasally voice, I discovered he writes really nice songs! Nice alt country-ish vibe. I’m probably seeing them on July 6.

Handsome Family – “Gothic country,” whatever that is.

Calexico – I live in Arizona.

9 thoughts on “4×4 meme

  1. “Oh, I’ve been to Prague. Well, I haven’t “been to Prague” been to Prague, but I know that thing, that, “Stop shaving your armpits, read the Unbearable Lightness of Being, date a sculptor, now I know how bad American coffee is thing… ”

  2. i’ve never worked anywhere around food. i think it might kill me. i’m totally impressed with the sheer number of people i know who survived jobs in food service.

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