Immitation as flattery

I went on a nice long slow run at the track tonight, and I feel amazing. Next time I want to skip a workout, please remind about how great I feel right now.

And for fun: I love songs that blatantly rip off (er, “pay homage” to) other songs and reinvent them. I’m not talking about hip hop or dance songs that sample other songs, and I’m not talking about covers. Here are some examples. These songs are just plain fun, in my opinion:

The Clash song “Wrong ‘Em Boyo” references “Stagger Lee”

(Wrong ‘Em Boyo)

(Stagger Lee)

Okkervil River’s “John Allyn Smith Sails” rips off the Beach Boys’ “Sloop John B”

(John Allyn Smith Sails)
clicky…there were no good you tube versions…listen to the 2nd, not the first live one.

(Sloop John B)

“In the Rushes” by Islands rips off “A Quick One While He’s Away” by the Who

(In the Rushes – skip to 4:50 if you just want to hear the Who part)

(A Quick One While He’s Away – skip to 4:30 to hear the part Islands rips off)

Hope you enjoyed that. I wonder how many references like this I completely miss because I don’t know the older songs?

3 thoughts on “Immitation as flattery

  1. Stagger Lee is an old old old blues song– I think Lloyd Price’s version is just one of many to come along — there must be tons of them floating about. But interesting to compare!

    1. Yea, that’s why I didn’t put an artist’s name by that one, but the Lloyd Price version is the one I’m most familiar with. Apparently, some versions change it so it’s not about murder. Make it more palatable. 🙂

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