produce basket pick-up day!

We got our produce basket today from Bountiful Baskets co-op. We got the regular produce basket, plus the Mexican pack. This is only my second time doing this, but I am hooked. It’s so much fun to see what you get. Last time, we used everything except some romaine lettuce, some spinach, and 1 ear of corn, which all went bad before we ate it. We’re going to try to use everything this time and not have to throw anything away.

06-20-09basketFor $24 here’s what we got:

Produce basket

Bunch of bananas

2 cantelopes

6 mangos

11 roma tomatoes

10 plums

2 red onions

Pack of grapes

Pack of strawberries

Head of romaine

Bunch of broccoli

5-pound bag of potatoes

7 apples

1 pound bag of carrots

Mexican pack

Bag of dried peppers

Corn tortillas


2 avocados

10 little limes

4 jalepenos

4 bigger peppers

Spring onions

2 yellow onions

Clove of garlic

I definitely recommend this if you live in Arizona. It’s funny how many people already know about this too. I’ve quickly become a Bountiful Baskets advocate, and it seems that every time I mention it, someone says, “Oh, yea, I buy produce baskets all the time. I love it.”

I think it’s great because:

  • It’s very cost effective.
  • It encourages you to eat more fruits and veggies.
  • Your produce is all picked out for you. No walking around the grocery store, trying to decide what to get. Lately I’ve just become sick of running errands, including grocery shopping. It’s just nice to pick up a ready-made selection of produce.
  • It may force you to clean out your fridge regularly. I went through the fridge today to make room for all the new produce. I threw away all the old gross food and got a good reminder of what is actually in the fridge and what we need to use.
  • It’s just fun. I don’t know why, but I love picking up my basket.

4 thoughts on “produce basket pick-up day!

    1. They have a variety of add-ons. Pretty often they’ll have a Mexican pack or an Italian pack. I got a box of mangoes last time. This time they also had cherries and apples as add-ons. They have a bunch of bread options too.

      The Mexican pack was $7.50 extra.

      You have to get the regular produce basket. Then you can add whatever available add-ons they have for that week. They send an email every week saying what’s available.

  1. i love the notion of the basket but i dislike the idea of getting up this early on a saturday. in the fall, i’m joining the one the grad students use that drops the baskets off at the park in early afternoon 😉

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