while i’m motivated…

Yes, I’ve been reading personal finance blogs again.

I am enamored with the idea of having an efficiently run household, especially where finances are concerned. But I often get excited about an idea, try to implement it, and watch it fail miserably.

I don’t know how to make new habits part of our lifestyle. Perhaps simply introducing a new habit or practice just won’t work; maybe I need to craft the habit in a way that it will fit more naturally into our life. Also, how does an organization-obsessed control freak get her fix without driving her spontaneous, free-spirited husband crazy?

Lately, I’m wanting to streamline the food-buying and meal cooking process. I suspect we waste a lot of money by not having a good process in place. I’ve been reading DebtFreeAdventure, which is a really fun blog a guy named Matt is writing about his and his wife’s journey to cut their spending. In a recent post, he talks about how he and his wife lost a bunch of weight and trimmed their grocery budget, of course sending me on a tangent of link-clicking about cheap healthy meals and meal planning. So next week I’m going to try to come up with a meal plan for the week that incorporates our co-op produce basket.

So how do you implement new habits into your life? How do you keep yourself motivated about an idea?

5 thoughts on “while i’m motivated…

  1. I’ll admit it’s hard to cook every day or even get motivated after a long day at work, but Jeremy’s health keeps us motivated to try and eat out only on weekends.

    1. when I was younger, I was fit and slim. throughout the course of my life, school, seating all day long, having a baby and cutting off all physical activity… got me to where I am now…not slim.
      in January of this year, my co-worker said she was going to start working out after work. I thought it would be a good idea to challenge ourselves. At the same time I was having GERD problems and the Dr. insisted that I needed to work out and loose weight.
      so then I had 2 things motivating me. after a period of 6 months, I don’t think I have lost much weight, but I feel much better, and because I feel better I try to incorporate any physical activity into my life such as: walking, swimming, hiking, zumba, or simply running/playing with hanna.

      so, how about finding a friend or a couple that is going through the same challenge you are…and together share info, dinners, challenges, tips? just an idea.

      1. Sorry I didn’t reply to this earlier, but I think it’s a great idea to find someone else who’s trying to do some of the same things to help challenge and encourage you. I probably do know some people I could compare notes with. Thanks for sharing!

  2. when i want to make a change, i spend a little time envisioning what the end result will “look” like. i just dragged my ass through months of painful rehab by imagining how much fun i’m going to have in Miami Beach with Chris in the fall. i think it works much better if your future vision is detailed. i see myself dancing in heeled shoes, walking on the beach, prowling the shops while he’s in session, maybe renting a bike. you know what helps too? remembering all of the other successes i’ve had. i know i can do this thing because i did those other things.

    as far as being married to a free spirit, i get that. sometimes i tease Chris by calling him “Captain Chaos,” because his approach is so different than mine. but golly does he get things done. so, i try to work with that. perhaps the plan we come up with in the end isn’t the most efficient or most cost-effective but it works for both of us, so we count it as a win.

    1. “perhaps the plan we come up with in the end isn’t the most efficient or most cost-effective but it works for both of us, so we count it as a win.”

      Yea, that’s what I’m trying to do – make strides toward better organization (for my own sanity!) but with flexible plans so John doesn’t feel stifled. I know it sounds bad when I say “we spend too much on….” Really what I’m saying is “we spend too much on ____ for *my* tastes” but what he probably hears is “you’re not responsible with money” which is completely not true. I think he’s actually more frugal than the average person, but I’m a total cheapskate. 😉

      But I feel like I can’t just totally go over to his side because it goes against my whole personality. That’s what marriage is all about – learning to compromise without losing your sense of self. Anyway I can’t imagine being married to anyone else, certainly not to someone who’s just like me! I’m a much better person than before I met him.

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