good enough

Several posts ago, I said I had some goals while John was on vacation. He is driving back right now and should be home by around 2 a.m. So let’s see how I’ve done!

Sleep: In bed by 10 every night
I was in bed by 10 almost every night, and I got up at 7 every morning, even on Saturday and Sunday.

Caffeine: Abstaining
I had coffee Monday and Friday mornings. That’s an acceptable and moderate amount.

Exercise: Bike riding, running, the gym
Saturday – 10 mile bike ride (at 7 a.m., no less! Must do that more often)
Sunday – soccer game
Monday – rest
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – 3 miles on the treadmill
Thursday – indoor soccer game
Friday – 3 miles on the treadmill
It’s a good start!

Veggies: John away = brussels sprouts for dinner!
Yep. And broccoli.

Cleaning: Iā€™m going to thoroughly (but leisurely, and while listening to fun podcasts) clean the whole house and attempt to implement a workable cleaning schedule to keep it that way
Hahahahahahahahaha. Not even close.

Shopping: In dire need of some comfy new jeans
I shopped a lot! Got lots of stuff I’ve been meaning to get for a while, including new running shoes and comfortable jeans.

TV: Planning on some serious bonding time with Netflix, starting tonight. Big Love season 2!
There was much TV watching with cats curled up on my lap.

I am so excited to see John. We are pathetic and hate being apart. šŸ™‚

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