a happier, healthier cara

I haven’t been feeling great lately–tired, headaches, feeling down. Plus, I’m out of shape. My soccer playing has been rather pathetic lately. I know I’m just not taking very good care of myself. Well, John’s away for a little bit, so I have some goals for next week.

Sleep: In bed by 10 every night

Caffeine: Abstaining

Exercise: Bike riding, running, the gym

Veggies: John away = brussels sprouts for dinner!

Cleaning: I’m going to thoroughly (but leisurely, and while listening to fun podcasts) clean the whole house and attempt to implement a workable cleaning schedule to keep it that way

Shopping: In dire need of some comfy new jeans

TV: Planning on some serious bonding time with Netflix, starting tonight. Big Love season 2!

Here’s to a happier, healthier (and hopefully better-rested) me!

And since Cindy posted about her cat who likes to lick bike tires, here’s Nutmeg licking John’s sandal.


3 thoughts on “a happier, healthier cara

  1. you’re ambitious. i wish i had the sense of self preservation necessary to take better care of myself.

    Nutmeg is a cute little nut, yeah?

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