food co-op

John and I recently tried out a local food co-op for the first time: Bountiful Baskets. I was afraid it would be too much for just two people, but it actually seems like a good amount. I’m stoked! Here’s what we got.


This is the regular produce basket, plus an add-on box of mangoes.

The regular produce basket contained:

5 ears of corn
a big head of romaine lettuce
a bunch of spinach
2 big avocados
2 tomatoes
a bunch of spring onions
a pineapple
a cantaloupe
7 bananas
5 apricots
5 apples
6 little mangoes

The regular basket is $15. The 8-pound mango box was $5.50. They have whole grain bread packs – $10 for 5 loaves (we’re going to try the bread next time and split it with another couple). There’s a $1.50 handling charge for each order, plus a one-time $3 fee for new people. It’s run entirely by volunteers. If you participate, you’re encouraged to volunteer, but that can be as easy as showing up early to help sort the produce. So far, I highly recommend it. I think the amount of stuff we got was pretty good for the cost. But even if it doesn’t save us money, it’ll easily encourage us to eat more vegetables.

They have pick-up locations all around the Valley, plus locations in southern Arizona, northern Arizona, and Utah. You pay for your order online on Wednesdays and pick up your food on Saturdays. You can decide week-to-week whether to participate. Their website can be a little confusing, so if you have questions, just ask me.

7 thoughts on “food co-op

  1. It looks just like mine! I love it getting my fruits and veggies through Bountiful Baskets, it encourages me to eat healthier and spend less money!

  2. Yea, it’s pretty awesome. And it seems like when I mention it in a group, at least one person already knows about it and has been participating, so I don’t know why it took me so long to find out about it!

  3. For the mangoes – I froze the fruit from the softest ones. The rest I put in the fridge where they’re actually holding up quite well. I’ve just been snacking on them, and we use them in smoothies along with the bananas and pineapple from the basket.

    If they start to get too soft before I eat them all, I’ll just freeze the rest. The frozen mango pieces can be thawed to eat plain or used in smoothies frozen.

    I love mangoes!

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